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Why are electric blankets bad for you?
Heated blankets are regular blankets with wires that heat them up. They may be a source of fires and burns. When the recommended precautions are not followed, heated blankets pose a high risk of burn injuries and fires. Pregnant women who use electric blankets run the risk of miscarriage.

Is it permissible to sleep with an electric blanket turned on?
Summary. Electric blankets are intended to create a warm and cozy bed, but they are not intended to be used overnight. They are safe for short-term use, but they have the potential to overheat if used incorrectly or for an extended period of time.

Does an electric blanket consume a lot of power?
An electric blanket could use up to 200 watts (depending on the setting). So if you leave it on for ten hours, it will consume two kilowatt-hours. Depending on where you live, this would cost between 15 and 30 cents.

How many people are killed as a result of electric blankets?
Every year, approximately 1000 fires are started by faulty electric blankets. These fires have killed 20 people and injured 250 others.

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