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Why are electric blankets bad for you?
Heated blankets are regular blankets with wires that heat them up. They may be a source of fires and burns. When the recommended precautions are not followed, heated blankets pose a high risk of burn injuries and fires. Pregnant women who use electric blankets run the risk of miscarriage.

Which electric blanket is the most dependable?
Sunbeam Heated Blanket is the best overall electric blanket. Sunbeam Heated Fleece Throw Blanket is the best value electric blanket. SoftHeat Blanket by Perfect Fit is the best electric blanket for couples. Bedsure Heated Electric Throw Blanket is the best electric throw blanket.

Is it worthwhile to invest in an electric blanket?
Heated blankets are very inexpensive to use, and the small amount of electricity you pay is well worth the tradeoff when it comes to staying warm and cozy. They are significantly less expensive to operate than a space heater, gas fireplace, or central heating system.

What features should I look for when purchasing an electric blanket?
A pre-heat setting ensures that your blanket is warm when you go to bed. A light-up display that allows you to clearly see the controls even in the dark. A light that indicates power. A remote control that allows you to heat your blanket from a distance.

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