What is the most reliable electric blanket?

What is the most reliable electric blanket?

How we tested

Product NameCord Length (ft)Auto-Shutoff (Hours)
1. SoftHeat Ultra Micro-Plush2310
2. Serta Luxe2310
3. Sunbeam Sherpa Mink Throw93
4. Biddleford Heated Micromink1310

Who makes the most reliable electric blanket?

Sunbeam is one of the best-known brands for electric blankets, and this fleece blanket is a top choice for any home. It has 10 heat settings that range from subtly warm to extremely toasty, and its ThermoFine technology is designed to evenly distribute warmth, meaning no cold spots.

How long do electric blankets usually last?

10 years

​Electric Blankets should be replaced every 10 years and tested every 2 years by a qualified electrician. ​Always check your blanket for scorch marks, water damage, mould or exposed wires. If you see any of these on your blanket do not use it, replace it.

Why are electric blankets so unreliable?

An electric blanket is an electrical device which means it will also emit the electromagnetic field (EMF) once you turn it on. A lot of studies hypothesized that EMF exposure leads to damage in our bodies and can eventually cause cancer, especially breast cancer and brain tumor if you’re exposed to it for too long.

Why do heated blankets stop working?

Check that the electric blanket cord is firmly attached to the blanket. Pull the plug out of the blanket attachment and look to see if any dirt or debris has gotten into the plug or on the cord that plugs into the blanket. Reinsert the cord into the blanket attachment.

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